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Located at the Seventy-Seven Equestrian Center

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The Brio Horsemanship method seeks to create in the horse balance, lightness, sensitivity and self-carriage.  Our Baroque method instills in the horse confidence and the athleticism to do the work at hand correctly without fear or misunderstanding.

Long Term Boarding

  • Brio Horsemanship is located at the Seventy-Seven Equestrian Center.  We are a full-service boarding facility with all the amenities any equestrian would expect:  a large, lighted arena, square pen, round pen and a dressage arena.  We also have turnouts and 233 acres of trail riding with access to state land. The Seventy-Seven also has a variety of stalls available, from the standard 12' x 12' to 12' x 24' featuring an "in and out".  Automatic waters are used throughout and services are available at extra fees.  We have an open and friendly atmosphere along with cool summer temperatures.  

Deuber & Partner Adjustable Tree Saddles

Deuber & Partner saddles and Tack

  • We've been involved with Deuber & Partner from Germany for 20 years and are one of the largest dealers in the country.  We sell adjustable tree saddles in both English and Western as well bridles, reins and cavessons.  Come see what we have to offer!


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Brio Horsemanship & Saddlery

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